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Interview with Tina Kochar, MD, FASN: Optimizing Lupus Nephritis Management


A Q&A With Tina Kochar, MD, FASN

Dr Tina Kochar, MD, FASN, discusses effective strategies for increasing screening and early diagnosis of lupus nephritis (LN) in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). She emphasizes the importance of timely follow-ups and referrals, as well as routine laboratory testing to detect kidney involvement. She highlights that the potentially asymptomatic nature of LN makes regular screening crucial.

Dr Kochar notes the significance of early diagnosis to prevent progressive kidney damage. She also stresses the goal of achieving complete remission to improve kidney survival, citing updated guidelines that advocate for aggressive proteinuria reduction.

The discussion delves into LN treatment approaches, including the FDA-approved drugs voclosporin and belimumab. She also discusses challenges in coordinating care between nephrologists and rheumatologists and emphasizes the need for patient education to overcome barriers to treatment access.

Dr Kochar discusses ongoing research and trials exploring new therapies for LN, such as obinutuzumab and anifrolumab. She concludes with a call for persistent efforts in early referral, effective communication, and patient education to optimize management of LN and prevent long-term kidney damage.

This summary was AI-generated and reviewed by an AJMC editor.

For other articles and videos in this AJMC(R) Perspectives publication, please visit "Navigating Lupus Nephritis Care: Insights for Managed Care Decision Makers"

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