Joslin's Gabbay to Headline AJMC Diabetes Meeting: Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory into Practice

Dr. Robert Gabbay of Joslin Diabetes Center will offer the keynote address at Patient-Centered Diabetes Care 2014 on April 10-11 at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal.


Joslin’s Gabbay to Headline AJMC Diabetes Meeting:

Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory into Practice

PLAINSBORO, N.J. — Roughly 26 million adults and children have diabetes in the United States, putting this condition at epidemic levels. With that in mind, The American Journal of Managed Care will present its second annual meeting on diabetes management April 10-11, 2014. “Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory into Practice” will examine how new knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is being handled by physicians, by employers, by healthcare delivery organizations, and by creators of new therapies.

“Patient-Centered Diabetes Care” will take place at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal, 100 College Road East, Princeton, N.J. Dr. Robert A. Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, will be the keynote speaker. Throughout his career, Dr. Gabbay has been a leader in finding the best ways to engage patients in their own care, through models such as the patient-centered medical home.

Change will be a hallmark of the event, as change is affecting every aspect of diabetes care. “Our meeting will occur as the first waves of newly insured consumers are accessing the healthcare system, including many who will learn for the first time they have diabetes or other cardiometabolic conditions,” said Brian Haug, president of AJMC. “This is an important time for healthcare professionals to be engaged with leaders in this field.” To register, click here.

Not only will the arrival of healthcare reform bring new consumers into the system, but new healthcare entities, called accountable care organizations (ACOs), mean these patients should experience healthcare differently than in the past. Also, new treatments diabetes and obesity offer hope that patients can gain greater control over their health and their lives.

Beginning at the opening reception on April 10, participants will explore what the reorganization of healthcare delivery means for those with this chronic condition. In sessions on April 11, speakers and panelists will address the following:

  • What can be done to overcome socioeconomic disparities in diabetes care?
  • How do practitioners effectively individualize care for patients with diabetes within population-based disease management programs?
  • How are employers taking on diabetes and obesity in the workplace?
  • Who are the new members of the diabetes “care team,” and how do they work together?

For questions about registration and accommodations, please contact Brian Haug, president of The American Journal of Managed Care, at (609) 716-7777, x 124.

For media questions, press credentials, or to arrange interviews, please contact Mary Caffrey, Managing Editor, Evidence-Based Diabetes Management, at (609) 716-7777, x. 144 or email

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