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Supplements and Featured Publications, New Perspectives on Overactive Bladder: Quality of Life Impact, Medication Persistency, and Treatmen, Volume 11, Issue 4 Suppl

The American Journal of Managed Care

This supplement to includes information on overactive bladder, including costs, treatments, and impact on patients'quality of life.


Tamara Bavendam, MDDirector, Team Leader

Pfizer Inc

Senior Project Manager

Bethesda, Maryland

Morgan S. Bron, PharmD, MS

Disease Management Team

Pfizer Inc


Health Economics and Outcomes Group

Senior Researcher

Health Economics and Outcomes Group

Chief, Gynecology, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Reconstructive Surgery

Mineola, New York

Prafulla Girase, MS

Pfizer Inc

Graduate Research Assistant, PhD Student

School of Pharmacy

Research Department

Senior Manager

Pfizer Inc

Doctoral Student and Graduate Associate

College of Pharmacy

Tucson, Arizona

Assistant Professor

College of Pharmacy

Chicago, Illinois

C. Daniel Mullins, PhD

Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research

Baltimore, Maryland

Siva Narayanan, MS, MHS

Outcomes Research, Pharmacy Consulting Group

Fort Smith, Arkansas


Nicole M. Nitz, PhD

i3 Magnifi, an Ingenix Company

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Daniel A. Ollendorf, MPH

Analytic & Consulting Services

Watertown, Massachusetts

Barbara Paul, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Eleanor M. Perfetto, PhD

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Washington, DC

Richard G. Roberts, MD, JD

Department ofFamily Medicine

Madison, Wisconsin

J. Warren Salmon, PhD

College of Pharmacy

School of Public Health

Chicago, Illinois

Fadia T. Shaya, PhD, MPH

Associate Director

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


University of California

San Francisco, California

Prasun Subedi, MS

University of Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Sujata Varadharajan, MS

Pfizer Inc

Senior Director

Pfizer Inc

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Speaker For, Consultant To:

  • IndeVus
  • Yamanouchi Pharma
  • Yu Ko, MS Research Grant From: Pfizer

C. Daniel Mullins, PhD

Grant Support From/Consultant To:

  • Pfizer

Consultant and Advisor To:

  • Novartis
  • Siva Narayanan, MS, MHS Research Grant From: Pfizer

Daniel A. Ollendorf, MPH

Research Grant From:

  • Pfizer
  • Barbara Paul, MD Research Grant From: Pfizer

Consultant To:

  • Adventrx
  • Bayer Genzyme

Consultant To:

  • Ortho-McNeil
  • Yamanouchi
  • J. Warren Salmon, PhD Consultant To: Pharmacia

Research Grants From:

  • Pfizer
  • Shire
  • Prasun Subedi, MS Subcontractor For: Pfizer

These participants report no relationships with pharmaceutical companies:

  • Anna Gu, MA
  • Sujata Varadharajan, MS

These participants are employees of Pfizer:

  • Morgan S. Bron, PharmD, MS
  • Teresa Zyczynski, PharmD, MBA, MPH

These participants are employees of i3 Magnifi or MEDTAP Institute at UBC, which perform work funded by a variety of pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer:

  • Theodore Darkow, PharmD
  • Nicole M. Nitz, PhD

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This program is being supported by an educational grant from Pfizer.

The contents of this supplement may include information regarding the use of products that may be inconsistent outside the approved labeling for these products in the United States. Physicians should note that the use of these products outside current approved labeling is considered experimental and are advised to consult prescribing information for these products.