Marketing Healthcare Insurance to the Consumer

With the coverage expansion provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act just a few months away, insurers long accustomed to dealing only with major employers and their brokers are devising new strategies for marketing to individual consumers.

“We in healthcare should all hum a few bars from 'The King and I' with the song 'Getting to Know You,'” says Dr. Jan Berger, chief medical officer at Burlington, Mass.-based Silverlink Communications, which works with health plans to get members to engage more in their own health.

Berger, who was in Las Vegas this week at the America's Health Insurance Plans Institute 2013, echoed one of the key themes at this year's conference: In much the same way payers needed to learn how to reach out to Medicare beneficiaries after the launch of the prescription drug benefit, the will have to do the same for people gaining health insurance coverage, many for the first time.

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Despite traditionally marketing to large groups like employee benefit managers and human resource staffs, insurers are now revving up to market healthcare insurance plans to individual consumers. Modern Healthcare reports: