Millennials With Multiple Sclerosis: Are They Different or Has Medicine Evolved?

On this episode of Managed Care Cast, hear from a multiple sclerosis (MS) specialist about how millennial patients are different (or not) in how they approach their disease.

Are millennial patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) different from older patients? If they are different, is it partly because the MS field has benefitted from new therapeutic options and increased knowledge about the role of diet and exercise and modifiable behaviors, such as smoking?

On a recent episode of Medical World News®, Matt Hoffman, managing editor of Neurology Live®, sat down for a conversation with Mitzi Joi Williams, MD, a board-certified neurologist and MS specialist in Smyrna, Georgia, about the trends she sees in younger patients with MS and how they approach treatment decisions and other disease considerations. Listen to an excerpt of the broadcast here on Managed Care Cast and watch the full episode here. Keep up to date with the latest in MS news here.

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