Moffitt Cancer Center Launches New Personalized Medicine Institute

Moffitt Cancer Center's Institute Board of Directors today announced the creation of a Personalized Medicine Institute aimed at making a national impact in the war on cancer by delivering on the promise of personalized cancer care. Moffitt Chief Executive Officer William S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D., will dedicate his entire focus to the establishment of the new institute and the growth of Moffitt's innovative biotechnology subsidiary M2GenTM as its CEO. Alan F. List, M.D., will advance to CEO of Moffitt. Thomas A. Sellers, Ph.D., will assume the role of center director. The changes will take effect in July.

Moffitt Board Chairman Robert Rothman noted that these changes, driven by the board in collaboration with Dalton, ensure that the right leaders are in place to take Moffitt and M2GenTM to the next level as a national model for transforming the fight against cancer.

"The time is now because cancer research and treatment is at an inflection point that requires the right mix of visionary leadership and collaboration to realize the promise of personalized cancer care for patients everywhere. Moffitt, under Dr. Dalton's leadership, is considered a national leader in personalized medicine, and we must capitalize on our success in this important area," Rothman said.

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Source: OBR Daily