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Hypertension in America: Overcoming Barriers to Blood Pressure Control
Volume 11
Issue 13 Suppl

Participating Faculty

This supplement to The American Journal of Managed Care is based on presentations at the 2005 American Society of hypertension scientific meeting and includes information on the prevalence of hypertension in the US population, healthcare costs associated with hypertension, the safety and efficacy of angiotensin receptor blockers in treating hypertension, and factors affecting adherence to hypertension therapy. Genevieve Belfiglio, a freelance writer and editor, assisted in the writing of this supplement.

FacultyVickie Andros, PharmD, Guest EditorSenior Director, Clinical Services

Kennesaw, GA

Howard S. Weintraub, MD, Guest Editor

Lipid Treatment and Prevention Center

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

New York, NY

Disclosure StatementIt is the policy of The American Journal of Managed Care to have all faculty who participate in programs sponsored by corporate organizations disclose any real or apparent conflicts of interest.

The following participant reports relationships with pharmaceutical companies:

Howard S. Weintraub, MDSpeaker's Bureau For: AstraZeneca



Vickie Andros, PharmD

Signed disclosures are on file at the offices of The American Journal of Managed Care, Jamesburg, New Jersey.

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