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Supplements and Featured Publications, Optimal Cholesterol Management: Implications for Managed Care, Volume 12, Issue 15 Suppl

Optimal Cholesterol Management: Implications for Managed Care

This supplement is the third part of a 3-part series to

The American Journal of Managed Care

, and addresses use of statin therapy in treating dyslipidemia in a range of high-risk populations and in real-world settings.


Disclosure Statement

Michael H. Davidson, MD, FACC, FACPExecutive Medical Director

Director, Preventive Cardiology Center

Department of Preventive Cardiology

Chicago, Illinois

Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACCClinical Professor of MedicineDivision of Cardiology

Chief Scientific Officer

Atlanta, Georgia

Kathleen M. Fox, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

Baltimore, Maryland

Sanjay K. Gandhi, PhDDirector, Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Wilmington, Delaware

James M. McKenney, PharmDProfessor Emeritus

President and Chief Executive Officer

Richmond, Virginia

Robert L. Ohsfeldt, PhDProfessorDepartment of Health Policy and Management

College Station, Texas

Thomas A. Stacy, PharmDVice President, Operations

Kennesaw, Georgia

It is the policy of

The American Journal of Managed Care

to have all faculty who participate in programs sponsored by pharmaceutical organizations disclose any real or apparent conflicts of interest.

These participants report relationships with the following pharmaceutical companies: We would like to thank Wayne Kuznar and Thomas May for editorial assistance in the development of two of these articles (as noted in footnotes).

The American Journal of Managed Care

Signed disclosures are on file at the office of , Princeton, New Jersey.


Michael H. Davidson, MD, FACC, FACPConsultant to:Abbott LaboratoriesAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


Pfizer Inc

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals

Speaker's bureau for:Abbott LaboratoriesAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Merck & Co, Inc

Pfizer Inc

Sankyo Pharma

Grant support from: Abbott Laboratories

Merck & Co, Inc


Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Sankyo Pharma

Consultant to:AstraZenecaNitromed

Grant support from:AstraZenecaHonoraria from:AstraZeneca


Pfizer Inc

Kathleen M. Fox, PhD, MPHConsultant to:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Employee of:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

James M. McKenney, PharmDConsultant to:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LPKOS

Pfizer Inc

Honoraria from:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LPKOS

Pfizer Inc

Grant support from:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LPGlaxoSmithKline



Grant support from:Amgen

Pfizer Inc

Thomas A. Stacy, PharmDEmployee of:Total Therapeutic Management, IncGrant support from:AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP