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Supplements and Featured Publications, A Step Therapy Algorithm for the Treatment and Management of Chronic Depression, Volume 12, Issue 12 Suppl

The American Journal of Managed Care

This supplement to contains information on the benefits ofa step therapy algorithm to screen, diagnose, and treat patients with depression. This supplement hasbeen peer reviewed by experts in the field.


Jeffrey D. Dunn, PharmD, MBA

Formulary and Contract Manager

SelectHealth Plans

Salt Lake City, Utah


John G. Tierney, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

University of Texas Health Science Center

Medical School at San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

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The American Journal of Managed Care

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  • John G. Tierney, MDConsultant to/speaker's bureau for/honorarium from: Bristol-Myers SquibbCephalonWyeth

The American Journal of Managed Care

Jeffrey D. Dunn, PharmD, MBA, reports no relevant relationships with pharmaceutical companies.Signed disclosures are on file at the office of , Princeton,New Jersey.

This supplement has been supported by funding from Wyeth.


The contents of this supplement may include information regarding the use of products that may be inconsistentoutside the approved labeling for these products in the United States. Physicians should note that the use of theseproducts outside current approved labeling is considered experimental and are advised to consult prescribing informationfor these products.