Updates in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Comorbid Dyslipidemia - Episode 8

Partnering With Providers to Prevent or Delay Complications Related to Diabetes

John A. Johnson, MD, MBA: The microvascular complications of diabetes include anything from effects on [a patient’s] blood pressure, peripheral neuropathy, the ability to have abnormalities in their sensation (in their hands and feet), and blindness. Macrovascular complications include cardiovascular effects such as heart attacks, stroke, and end-stage kidney disease.

So we look at ways that we can, in a preventative approach, reduce those complications because, as we’ve seen at WellCare, in patients who don’t have access to care—either inadequate access or lack of behavioral modification in lifestyle changes—a negative impact in their outcomes is seen.

We work with the provider community to make them aware of the members that they have within their care—that are WellCare members—and [figure out] how we can partner with them and equip them with tools to enhance the care of diabetics to prevent or delay the onset of these micro- and macrovascular complications.