Promising Vaccine in Early Trials for Diabetes Type 1

A new vaccine for type 1 diabetes is showing promising results in early stage trials. The vaccine may effectively stall or prevent the autoimmune disease from presenting by targeting proinsulin, a precursor protein in diabetes. Counsel Heal reports:

Type one diabetes is often diagnosed in children and young adults. Unlike the more common disease, type two diabetes, which occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or when the cells ignore the insulin already present in the body, type one is characterized by the complete lack of insulin production. Researchers have been studying how to prevent type one diabetes since there is no cure for the chronic illness. Now, a new type one diabetes vaccine currently in an early stage trial shows promising results of its effectiveness in stalling or preventing the autoimmune disease from manifesting.

"What one really wants to do is tame or regulate the specific aspects of the immune system that have gone awry and leave the rest of the immune system intact," the chief scientific officer of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Dr. Richard Insel said according to Reuters. Previous researchers have tried to suppress the immune system in order to find a way to prevent type one diabetes. This method, however, increases one's risk of cancer and infections.

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