Sebastian Pistritto: Harnessing Data Boosts Efficiency in Medication Delivery

Sebastian Pistritto, chief marketing officer at ParcelShield Holdings, LLC, talks about how technology such as artificial intelligence helps to evaluate data to assist in medication delivery service decision-making, depending on the need of the pharmacy and its patients.

Technology such as artificial intelligence can analyze performance delivery data to to help medication delivery service decision-making, depending on the need of the pharmacy and its patients, explains Sebastian Pistritto, chief marketing officer at the ParcelShield Holdings, LLC.


What technology advancements have been effective at medication delivery?

I would say 2 things: there's much more rich data today available in the market, and there's also technology that can help you to access that data. That data is really performance delivery data that is across the carriers so that you have the ability to understand historically, what level of delivery performance has been successful in delivering patient medication on time.

How can data analytics and artificial intelligence be utilized to optimize medication delivery performance?

There's a lot of data out in the market today. The way artificial intelligence plays a part in that [is] it helps to really decipher all that data. Imagine 20 years’ worth of delivery performance data, whether it's the post office, whether it's UPS or whether it's FedEx, and the multiple different delivery services across all the homes and all the zip codes and all the states that this medication has to be delivered. Artificial Intelligence provides the ability to decipher through all that data and help us to make better decisions. “Well, which delivery method is better for my pharmacy? What is the optimum day to deliver that medication? How successful has a particular service level been in the past? Which carrier should I select in order to make sure that I am successful in making that delivery directly to the patient?”

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