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Supplements and Featured Publications, Definitive Management of Head Lice in the Era of Pediculicide Resistance, Volume 10, Issue 9 Suppl

The American Journal of Managed Care

This supplement to contains information on themanagement and treatment of head lice and is based on a teleconference that was held on May26, 2004. It has been peer reviewed by an expert in the field.


Barbara L. Frankowski, MD, MPH

University of Vermont

Medical Center Hospital of Vermont Campus

University Pediatrics


Ronald C. Hansen, MDProfessor, Internal Medicine (Dermatology)

University of Arizona Health Sciences Center


Miami, Florida

Sally Z. Schoessler, BSN, RN, SNT

Sherman Elementary School Teacher

Henrietta, New York


Dennis P. West, PhD, FCCP

Department of Dermatology and

Institutional Review Board

Chicago, Illinois

Elliot F. Ellis, MD

University of South Florida

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  • Barbara L. Frankowski, MD, MPH

Sally Z. Schoessler, BSN, RN, SNTThe following faculty did not submit disclosure information:

  • Ronald C. Hansen, MD

Dennis P. West, PhD, FCCP

The American Journal of Managed Care

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