Shoshana Lipson Discusses Main Takeaways From Migraine Peer Exchange

Shoshana Lipson, a patient advocate and founder of the “CGRP & Migraine Community ” on Facebook explains what she sees as the biggest takeaways from the migraine peer exchange that she participated in.


What were the biggest takeaways from the migraine peer exchange that you participated in?

So, I would say that the biggest takeaway that I have from the peer exchange today would be that there's hope on all sides. I think especially on the physician side but also from the employer side and the payer side. We're now dealing with a new situation because of this new frontier in migraine treatment and so it is just generating a lot of interest and a lot of hope on every side.

It was also highlighted to me that the situation is complex. Not only getting access to the medications but getting them improved by the insurance companies, bringing employers into the conversation as well, that it's not an easy process, and that each side doesn't necessarily know where the other side is at, so improving communications for all of these branches is huge.