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VIDEO: Simon Heller, MB, DM, Talks About the Consequences of Hypoglycemia in Diabetes


Simon Heller, MB, DM, discusses the various ways hypoglycemia can affect the cardiovascular system. Examples of these consequences are thrombosis, heart disease, and myocardial infarction.

Simon Heller, MB, DM, discusses some of the consequences of hypoglycemia in diabetes management. Specifically, Heller points to the effect hypoglycemia can have on the cardiovascular system.

“More recently it’s become apparent that the hypoglycemia may have effects on other parts of the body, and the area of intense interest at the moment is the heart. We now know that hypoglycemia can produce changes within the cardiovascular system; it can increase the risk of thrombosis; it can set up inflammation; [and] it can cause abnormal cardiac repolarization,” says Heller.

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