Still Seeking Best Practices

Annual ACO survey shows care coordination remains a work in progress for many providers.

After frequent visits to his doctor, Alfonzo Pansza often struggled to make sense of the written information and instructions he was given before he was sent home.

Pansza, a diabetic with other chronic diseases, could not read the jargon-heavy documents from his physician. “I never even knew whether I had diabetes one, two or 10,” he says. He did not fully grasp the importance of his medications, he admits. The 82-year-old would “wait too long” to seek help for worsening symptoms. “I can take pain pretty good,” he says. “I would just tough it out.”

Not anymore. Pansza now works with a care manager and social worker to help recognize his symptoms and identify who and when to call for help. He more closely follows his prescriptions and better understands why to do so.

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Source: Modern Healthcare