Study: Little Research on Overuse of Healthcare in U.S.

Most studies measure overuse of antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, coronary artery bypass grafting, coronary angiography and carotid endarterectomy, said the authors, who reviewed data from more than 170 articles on the use of tests, procedures and medications. Research has been mostly confined to those 4 areas because there are clear parameters for judging appropriateness of care, they added.

“The limited overuse literature is understandable given the challenges of developing standards to measure overuse,” the authors wrote.

The authors emphasized the need for better guidelines on a wider range of healthcare interventions as a way to boost research on overuse, particularly in areas such as preventive diagnostic services.

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Despite concerns about the high cost and inefficiency associated with the overuse of healthcare, research is limited and often addresses only a few medical interventions, according to an article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.Source: Modern Healthcare