Study: Telehealth Cuts Patient Deaths by 45%

A major mobile health implementation is getting under way, as Britain's Department of Health has indicated it wants to install remote patient monitoring in the homes of 3 million patients.

The project, dubbed 3Million Lives, is in its infancy, agency officials say. The detailed plan--including who will provide the technology, which patients will participate and which hospitals will provide the monitoring services-- "is still in the early stages of development."

But the government is convinced it's on the right road because of new findings from a large remote patient monitoring/telehealth study--the Whole System Demonstrator program. The study took place over 3 years and covered nearly 6,200 patients in 3 cities suffering from 1 of 3 primary conditions: diabetes, heart failure or COPD.

The most powerful finding: Remote monitoring reduced mortality rates by 45%.

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Source: Fierce Mobile Healthcare