Technology, Communication, and Participatory Medicine: Mandi Bishop Interviews Dr Danny Sands

Danny Sands, MD, and Mandi Bishop discuss use of technology to communicate with patients, medical informatics, participatory medicine, and more.

Danny Sands, MD, practicing physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and co-founder of the Society of Participatory Medicine, didn't always know he wanted to be a doctor and he went to college torn between medicine, law, or engineering. Although he went through to medical school, he has retained his interest in law and engineering, which has proven useful as the industry went through changes in regulation and technology.

In his interview with Mandi Biship, MA, CEO of Lifely Insights, Sands discusses medical informatics, participatory medicine, and how technology can connect patients to information and patients to clinicians. In addition, they talk about the reluctance of physicians to use more technology to keep in touch with patients.

In this episode, they also mention Tom Ferguson, MD, a central figure in collaboration care and the definition of the "e-patient." His research and more can be found here.