To Improve Personalized Oncology Care, Cancer Centers Collaborate With IBM

In collaborations with 14 cancer centers throughout the country, IBM will apply Watson Genomic Analytics, a cloud-based service, to implement evidence-based treatment decisions in oncology.

IBM announced this week that it has partnered with 14 major cancer centers in the United States to use Watson for the analysis of patient-specific genetic data to guide therapy.

Use of Watson in healthcare was one of the earliest applications envisioned after its famous "Jeopardy!" victory. And the pace of news about Watson in medicine has definitely picked up. @Point of Care, which made the list of our Best New Apps of 2014, uses Watson to help answer patient questions about multiple sclerosis. And Pathway Genomics plans to deliver personalized health advice based on a patient's genetic profile using Watson.

In a demonstration of its commitment, IBM recently launched a 2000-person Watson Health unit that will focus entirely on applications in medicine. At the same time, the company also announced a collaboration with Apple that will brings Watson's analytic power together with the piles of data being collected through HealthKit.

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