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Top 5 Most-Read Diabetes Content of 2022


The top 5 most-read articles about diabetes featured stories on FDA approvals, drug prices, and the effectiveness of vitamin D in diabetes prevention, among others.

The top 5 most-read articles about diabetes that were published on AJMC.com included topics such as disparities in emergency department (ED) use in patients with diabetes, including cardiovascular health in treatment of diabetes, and the effectiveness of vitamins in preventing type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Here are the most-read articles about diabetes for 2022.

5. Study Outlines Disparities in ED Use for Patients With Diabetes

Wide disparities in the use of the ED in patients with diabetes between 2008 and 2017 were found in a cross-sectional study, whose results were reported in this article. The study found that all-cause diabetes ED visits increased 55.6%, from 257.6 to 400.8 visits per 10,000 adults, from 2008 to 2017.

Read the full article here.

4. Budget Bill Allowing Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices Heads to House

The Inflation Reduction Act was approved by the Senate and moved to a House vote in August 2022, according to this article published in the same month. The Inflation Reduction Act aimed to give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices for their beneficiaries. The Act would also cap the cost of insulin to $35 for those on Medicare.

Read the full article here.

3. Cardiologists Must “Get Into the Game” With Novel Agents in Patients With Diabetes

In this article, Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS, and Pam R. Taub, MD, discussed in a pair of talks how going beyond glucose-lowering therapies to include medications that offer cardiovascular benefits should be required in the treatment of diabetes. This article, which was a part of AJMC’s coverage of 2022 Congress of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology held in Kentucky, outlines the multipronged approach the two speakers discussed at their respective symposiums.

Read the full article here.

2. FDA Approves Eli Lilly’s Tirzepatide for T2D

Tizepatide was approved by the FDA after it demonstrated that it was effective in improving glycemic control for patients with T2D. The medicine, which was recommended to be used alongside diet and exercise, activates the glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptors and is administered through a weekly injection.

Read the full article here.

1. Trial: Vitamin D Supplementation Yielded No Preventive Benefits in T2D

A randomized controlled trial found that those at high risk for T2D did not have any preventive benefits from taking supplements of vitamin D. A total of 12.5% of the 630 participants who received vitamin D developed T2D compared with 14.2% of the 626 patients who received a placebo (HR, 0.87; 95% CI, 0.67-1.17).

Read the full article here.

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