Top 5 Most-Read Ophthalmology Content of 2022

The top 5 most-read content in ophthalmology for 2022 focused on the relationship between aging and visual field reliability, telehealth eye care visits, the link between COVID-19 and dry eye disease, and more.

Ocular effects of virtual learning, vision screening follow-up disparities, and dry eye disease were some of the topics covered in the top 5 most-read ophthalmology pieces published on

Here are the top 5 most-read ophthalmology articles and interviews of 2022.

5. Possible Correlations Found Between Aging, Visual Field Reliability Indices

A study found that age was strongly associated with false negatives in visual field reliability indices, according to this article published in January. Patients aged 20 to 29 years had lower rates of fixation losses, false negatives, and false positives. However, these rates increased steadily for each decade after that age, with a steep rise in false negatives after patients were aged 50 to 59 years.

Read the full article here.

4. Researchers Explain Next Steps for Studying the Ocular Effects of Virtual Learning

Adding breaks in between virtual school could be the next area of research into the topic, according to an interview with Judith Lavrich, MD, and fourth-year medical student Jordan Hamburger. In this video, they discussed their previous research on how virtual learning affected students’ eyesight and what areas they can investigate in the future. Lavrich said that the effect of screen time on full-time workers would need to be further studied as well.

Watch the interview and read the transcript here.

3. Dr David Ramsey Discusses the Importance of Telehealth Eye Care Visits

The return to in-person eye care after a telehealth appointment was the focus of this video interview with David Ramsey, MD, PhD, MPH. Ramsey said that having telehealth visits prior to an in-person visit could help patients to share their concerns about their vision, their general health, and their eyes. These telehealth appointments can also put a patient at ease with their doctor prior to an in-person visit.

Watch the interview and read the transcript here.

2. Dr Victoria Ly Outlines Potential Future Research on Vision Screening Follow-up Disparities

Cost was among the barriers that caused disparities in follow-up eye care for children after a failed vision screening test, according to a literature review. Victoria Ly, MD, MPH, spoke about the next steps in her research on the subject, focusing on a potential study that could follow students who had failed their school’s vision screening and collecting a survey about possible barriers to treatment.

Watch the interview and read the transcript here.

1. Study Finds Associations Between COVID-19 and Dry Eye Symptoms

An association was found between COVID-19 and dry eye symptoms, according to a study whose results are reported in this article. A total of 91.31% of participants previously infected with COVID-19 had corneal subbasal plexus and corneal tissue alterations that are usually present in small fiber neuropathy, which has similar symptoms to dry eye disease and diabetic neuropathy.

Read the article here.

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