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Treating Hyperhidrosis: Glycopyrronium Tosylate


Shawn Davis, PharmD: Glycopyrronium tosylate is an exciting therapy that will enable patients to have something topical. This is something that I believe is going to help patients. It is really going to have an impact on their lives and change the way that they live their lives.

Glycopyrronium tosylate is a medication that is actually going to meet the needs of patients in a way that they don’t have today. There aren’t good therapies on the market for patients to treat their hyperhidrosis and the condition that they have.

The next part is going to really be seeing what managed care’s outlook will be in paying for these medications. We are going to have a therapy. Just like with all therapies that are on the market, how do we pay for it? What’s going to be the mechanism by which payers and patients split the cost?

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