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What We’re Reading: Abortion Ban Exception Debate; Monkeypox Could Be Eliminated in Europe; Lower Mortality Risk for Tea Drinkers


House members in South Carolina will debate a total ban on abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest; the World Health Organization claimed that the monkeypox outbreak could be eliminated in Europe, citing slowing case counts; a study found that drinking black tea was associated with lower mortality risk.

Abortion Ban to Be Debated in South Carolina House

The Associated Press reports that a debate on a total ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest is planned to take place on Tuesday in the South Carolina House of Representatives. The state had passed a law banning abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, but the South Carolina Supreme Court had suspended it earlier this month due to a Planned Parenthood lawsuit claiming that the ban was an invasion of privacy, leaving the South Carolina abortion ban at 20 weeks. According to a Republican House member, 20 Republicans would not vote for the total ban of abortion if the exceptions are allowed, which would be enough for the rejection of the bill.

Monkeypox Cases Slowing, Could Be Eliminated in Europe

According to Reuters, World Health Organization (WHO) officials have claimed that it is possible to eliminate the monkeypox outbreak in Europe, as cases slow in some European countries. France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Britain have seen a week-over-week decline in cases despite vaccine scarcity. The cases have mostly slowed due to earlier detection, which has allowed patients to isolate sooner. An official for WHO also said that people are becoming more informed about the disease, including those in at-risk groups, which has helped slow the spread.

Black Tea Associated With Lower Risk of Mortality

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine has found that drinking a glass or 2 of black tea every day could lower the risk of mortality, as those who consumed 1 to 2 glasses of tea had between a 9% and 13% lower mortality risk. This result was found to be the same regardless of what was put into the tea, whether it be milk or sugar, and the temperature of the tea. The study was conducted over 10 years and used the UK Biobank to study men and women aged 40 to 69 years who reported that they drank tea. However, the study did not establish a causative relationship.

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