What We’re Reading: CDC Funding Cuts; Life-Threatening Heatwave; Mental Health Crisis Line


Funding cuts threaten public health programs; emergency room doctors see a surge in heat-related illnesses; national crisis line shows promising results with increased text volumes and reduced wait times.

CDC Expected to Lose About $1.3B in Funding and Resources

Funding cuts resulting from federal debt ceiling negotiations are set to impact public health programs in the United States, particularly on sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention and vaccination efforts, according to CNN. The CDC stands to lose around $1.3 billion, leading to a significant reduction in resources for disease intervention specialists and vaccine reporting systems. These cuts come at a critical time when STI cases are rising, routine vaccination rates are falling, and public health departments are already facing budget constraints, posing serious challenges for disease control and outbreak response.

Life-Threatening Heatwave Expected to Reach 118 °F in Arizona

Arizona is facing a dangerous heatwave with temperatures expected to reach 118 °F, resulting in a significant increase in heat-related illnesses, according to NBC News. Patients have been admitted to emergency rooms with severe symptoms, including organ failure and dangerously high body temperatures. These symptoms are all the results of extreme heat disrupting the body's cooling mechanisms, making it difficult for individuals to sweat and cool down, leading to life-threatening situations.

National Crisis Line 988 Sees Surge of 5M Calls, Texts in First Year

The 3-digit national crisis line, 988, has seen a significant increase in texts and reduced wait times since its launch 1 year ago, according to NPR. However, low awareness and challenges related to privacy, routing calls, and potential police interactions remain. Urgent efforts are needed to raise awareness about 988 and address these challenges to maximize its potential in providing immediate help and saving lives after receiving a surge of 5 million calls, texts, and chats in the first year.

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