What We’re Reading: HHS to Expand Nursing Home Ownership Info; Unprotected Mental Health Data; FDA Rebuffs Cancer Drug


HHS wants to require nursing homes to disclose more ownership and management information; privacy advocates warn that mental health data can legally be sold from certain platforms not covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; the FDA won’t review Soligenix’s cancer drug proposal because of an insufficient application.

HHS Aims to Require Nursing Home Ownership Transparency

A new rule requiring nursing homes to offer more information on their ownership and management is being proposed by HHS, reported The Hill. Medicaid and Medicare enrolled nursing homes are required to release certain information on ownership and management, but the new rule would widen the realm of information offered so customers are fully aware of who owns, operates, and manages nursing homes, including if they are private equity investors or real estate investment trusts.

Sale of Mental Health Data Unprotected by Law

Data provided to telehealth and therapy apps are being sold by data brokers legally and without knowledge or consent, reported The Washington Post, citing the results of a study conducted by Duke University. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act limits US health data shared by covered health entities like hospitals and doctor’s offices, but doesn’t protect information distribution through non-protected platforms, like some apps. A researcher was able to buy information from 11 companies, ranging from zip code level data to personally identifiable

FDA Won’t Review Soligenix’s Cancer Drug

On Tuesday, Soligenix said that its cancer drug proposal application won’t be reviewed by the FDA, which said it was incomplete, according to Reuters. The company wants the FDA’s assistance in helping the drug, HyBryte, move forward. The drug would be for the treatment of rare cancer T-cell lymphoma that starts in the white blood cells and attacks the skin.

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