What We’re Reading: HPV Vaccine Protects for 3 Years; Alzheimer Drug Results; NY Birth Control Law

One dose of human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) vaccine can prevent infection for at least 3 years, and maybe even longer; Eli Lilly plans to seek FDA approval for Alzheimer drug that slows decline; New York governor signed a bill expanding contraceptive access in the state next year.

One Dose of HPV Vaccine Protects for at Least 3 Years

Just 1 dose of the human papillomavirus vaccine is extremely effective at preventing infections over 3 years, most likely lowering cervical cancer rates and other diseases associated with the virus, according to a new study in Kenya, reported The New York Times. A single-dose strategy would considerably broaden supplies of the vaccine, decrease costs, and simplify distribution that would make vaccination a more feasible option in countries with limited resources, said experts. Protection might extend even longer, reported researchers.

Experimental Drug Slows Alzheimer Decline, Eli Lilly Says

An experimental drug reduced cognitive and functional decline for people with early-stage Alzheimer disease in a new study that could back regulatory approval and commercial sale, according to The Wall Street Journal. Eli Lilly reported new data on donanemab, an intravenous infusion that targets amyloid, and said it plans to apply this quarter to the FDA for approval, with a possible agency decision later this year or the next.

NY Governor Signs Contraceptive Bill

New Yorkers won’t have to go to their doctors to get prescription contraceptives next year under a bill that Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law Tuesday as part of her administration’s attempts to expand reproductive rights, reported the Associated Press. The law would take effect in November 2024, and trained pharmacists will be able to dispense self-administered hormonal contraceptives like oral birth control pills and the patch to New Yorkers, even if they don’t have a prescription from their doctor or nurse practitioner.

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