What We’re Reading: J&J Ends HIV Vaccine Trial; Deaths After Abortion Bans; Sanofi Looks to Hemophilia A Drug

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) ends late-stage HIV vaccine trial; mothers in states with abortion bans are almost 3 times more likely to die before, during, and after birth; Sanofi hopes to release a drug for hemophilia A in 2023.

J&J Will Stop HIV Vaccine Trial

Following evidence of ineffectiveness against infection prevention, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will discontinue a late-stage worldwide trial of an HIV vaccine, Reuters reported. The news comes over a year after another unsuccessful vaccine study by J&J. A spokesperson who was a partner in the trial said that they will take the information from this trial put it to use in the future. The study started in 2019 at more than 50 locations, comprising about 3900 gay men and transgender people, who are deemed most susceptible to the infection.

States Banning Abortion More Likely to Have Maternal Deaths

Death in women during pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum is almost 3 times more likely in states with abortion bans, Axios said, after reviewing a report from the Gender Equity Policy Institute. Almost 60% of US women live in states that ban or restrict abortion and other reproductive health care. In 2021, the maternal mortality rate in states with abortion bans was 2.4 times higher than that of states supporting abortion, according to the report, with women of color being the most affected.

Sanofi Strives to Introduce Hemophilia A Drug in 2023

French drug manufacturer Sanofi SA has high hopes for efanesoctocog alfa, its hemophilia A drug, in 2023, according to Reuters. The drug is being created in conjunction with Swedish drug producer Sobi; a decision by the FDA is expected by February 28. The marketing application was accepted by the FDA in 2022. An estimated 400 babies per year are born with the disorder, and possibly more.

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