What We’re Reading: Mifepristone Decision Expected; Illinois and Child Mental Health; CMS Rejects Wide Alzheimer Drug Coverage

Court decision could ban abortion pill, mifepristone, nationwide; Illinois gears up to fight mental health crisis among children; CMS rejects expanded coverage for Alzheimer drug, Leqembi.

One Texas Judge Will Determine A Nationwide Abortion Pill Ban

A decision from a Texas courtroom could ban the use of a widely used abortion pill, mifepristone from pharmacies and physician’s offices nationwide, according to Kaiser Health News. This decision, which could be decided as soon as Friday, could force the FDA to remove their approval of mifepristone, which would prevent manufacturers from shipping the drug anywhere in the United States, including states where abortion is still legal, such as California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York.

Illinois Gov. Addresses Child Mental Health Crisis

Governor J.B. Pritzker plans to announce on Friday efforts to provide better access and treatment to address a growing mental health crisis among children in Illinois, according to The Associated Press. This announcement will mark the start of a $22.8 million dollar proposal to tackle mental illness. Pritzker expects to implement technological, practical, legislative, and other strategies by October.

CMS Rejects Unrestricted Coverage for Alzheimer Drug

CMS rejected a request by the Alzheimer’s Association for unrestricted coverage of the drug, Leqembi. According to CNBC, the Alzheimer’s Association called the decision "appalling." CMS said it rejected the expansion on the basis of needing to see more evidence demonstrating Leqembi and similar treatments to be reasonable and necessary. CMS said it would approve expanded coverage once the drug was fully approved by the FDA; the drug was approved on an expedited basis.

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