What We're Reading: ACA Repeal Misconception; ACA Enrollment Status; Zika Vaccine Trial

Poll finds one-third of Americans believe the Affordable Care Act has been repealed; enrollees in Obamacare coverage largely come from states that voted for President Donald Trump; 2 trials find Zika vaccines are safe and effective.

Poll Finds Misconception that ACA Is Repealed

A new poll has found that one-third of Americans believe that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been repealed. According to Vox, the poll results may reflect buzz around the GOP tax bill, which eliminated the ACA’s individual mandate. Among Republican voters, 44% said President Donald Trump repealed the ACA. Among all respondents, 31% said he repealed the ACA.

Trump Supporters Sign Up for ACA

An analysis of enrollment figures for the ACA found that more than 4 in 5 of those who signed up for ACA coverage were from states that carried Trump to his White House victory. According to CBS News, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia had the highest number of sign-ups, with nearly 3.9 million customers. Of the 11 states with higher enrollment numbers compared with the previous year, 8 were states that voted for Trump.

Zika Trial Results

A phase 1 and a phase 2 study both found that 2 different Zika vaccines were safe and well tolerated. One vaccine had 3 delivery methods tested: single-dose needle and syringe; split-dose needle and syringe; and split-dose needle-free injection. Infectious Disease Advisor reported that while both vaccines were safe and well-tolerated, the split-dose needle-free group saw the greatest effects.