What We're Reading: Calif. Single-Payer Cost; Breast Cancer Risks; Health IT Burnout

Single-Payer Health System in California Could Cost $400 Billion

A proposed bill that would cover all Californians under a government-funded healthcare system would cost $400 billion in a state with an annual budget of $125 billion, the AP reports. Some of the hefty price tag would be canceled out by using all public funds currently spent on healthcare, but an analysis indicates there would still be a $50 to $100 billion annual increase in total healthcare costs under the single-payer system. The remaining money would need to be gathered through higher taxes, which would translate to a 15% payroll tax.

Breast Cancer Risk Increases With 1 Daily Drink, Decreases With Exercise

A report published by the American Institute for Cancer Research has indicated that women’s risk of breast cancer increases by 5% before menopause and 9% after menopause if they drink just 10 grams of alcohol per day, the equivalent of a small glass of wine or beer. However, women who engage in frequent vigorous exercise have a 17% lower risk of developing breast cancer premenopause and a 10% lower risk post menopause. According to the Washington Post, the study authors say the findings highlight the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Technology Workers Report High Rates of Burnout, Cite Inadequate Resources

A survey of health information technology (IT) employees and clinical professionals indicates that working with technology is taking a mental toll, Fierce Healthcare reports. Of the IT employees surveyed, 83% said they were “somewhat” or “moderately” burned out, and nearly two-thirds said the feeling of burnout was because they did not have the budget or resources to meet demands. The clinical respondents also said that technology requirements were contributing to burnout, but said improving workflow with IT can reduce the burden on doctors and nurses.