What We're Reading: Coke Interfered With Work of Anti-Obesity Group

What we're reading, November 25, 2015: UnitedHealthcare's decision on healthcare exchange participation, Democratic Presidential candidate's health plan, and conflict of interest between soda company and anti-obesity research group.

Does UnitedHealthcare’s Decision Spell ACA Trouble or Business Gimmick?

UnitedHealthcare’s recent announcement of withdrawal from the Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges, effective 2017, resulted in a flurry of reports questioning the performance of these individual marketplace exchanges. The disclosure by UnitedHealth Group Inc, which had just last month sounded optimistic notes about the segment’s prospects, is the latest sign that many insurers are finding the new business unprofitable, despite an influx of customers that has helped swell revenues, reported The Wall Street Journal. However, the answer could be much more complicated according to a Brookings blog.

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Details Health Plan for When Elected

Following on the footsteps of the other Democratic Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Governor Martin O’Malley has announced his vision for revamping the healthcare system of the country. Released on Tuesday, the health plan promises to address rising drug costs, price transparency, shift from fee-for-service, as well as pharmaceutical mergers based on improving tax rates.

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Coke Interfered With Work of Anti-Obesity Group, E-Mails Reveal

While the Global Energy Balance Network, led by a professor at the University of Colorado, claims that Coke did nothing beyond providing $1.5 million in funding for the research group, The Associate Press (AP) has evidence proving otherwise. A report published by AP shaped not just the leadership of the group, but also its mission statement and suggested articles and videos for its website.

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