What We're Reading: Continued Lack of Awareness of Premium Subsidies


What we're reading, October 26, 2015: One-third of uninsured in California are unaware of premium subsidies and medical school enrollment among black men is down.

Unaware Uninsured

With open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act just days away, a new survey has found that more than one-third of uninsured Californians are unaware of premium subsidies, reported the LA Times. In contrast, only 16% didn’t know about the tax penalty for not having coverage.

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Bringing Drug Prices in Line With Value

Experts taking part in a panel hosted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said that drug makers cannot be allowed to continue setting any price they choose for medications. Instead, the prices of these treatments need to be brought in line with the value they provide, reported Reuters. The experts viewed calls to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices as unrealistic or problematic.

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Fewer Black Men Applying to Medical School

Kaiser Health News reported that although more black men than before are graduating from college, the number applying to medical school has dropped and is now lower than the number who applied in 1978. This is the only minority group with a decrease in applications.

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