What We're Reading: Cutting Drug Czar Budget; Paid Sick Leave; Superbug in US Hospitals

Trump Administration Cuts Budget for Drug Control

More than $364 million would be cut from the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under a new budget proposal from the White House. The budget cuts to the office of the so-called “drug czar” include programs with bipartisan support, such as the drug-free communities program and the high-intensity drug-trafficking area program, reported AP. The proposal highlights the cuts as a way to streamline the office to make it more effective in addressing drug control issues.

Paid Sick Leave Laws Face Opposition

There are 19 states with sick leave laws that preempt local governments and the business community is starting to fight back against increased regulation for paid leave. The lack of a unified rule is causing administrative headaches and some business groups are working to draft a House Republican proposal to set a floor for the amount of paid sick leave to be offered, according to NPR. Recent polls have shown support for paid sick leave can be as high as 85% depending on the specific policy, and the idea is popular among both parties.

Superbug Emerges in US Hospitals

There have been more than 60 cases of a deadly, hard-to-kill fungus showing up in hospitals, with most cases occurring in New York and New Jersey. According to USA Today, the CDC is warning hospitals across the country to watch out for the fungus, which spreads throughout the body and causes a variety of infections but can be hard to spot. There is a 30% death rate, but with those getting infected already being very sick, the CDC is unsure how much of the death toll can be attributed to the fungus.