What We're Reading: Defensive Medicine Reduces Malpractice Risk

What we're reading, November 5, 2015: defensive medicine actually does reduce malpractice risk; patients would like more options for using digital technology with their healthcare; and Americans are eating healthier.

Pricey Defensive Medicine Does Reduce Malpractice Suits

Practicing defensive medicine by ordering extra tests and procedures actually does help to ward off malpractice suits, according to a new study. A study of more than 18 million hospital admissions and more than 24,000 physicians found that the more a hospital billed, the less likely a doctor was to be sued, according to The New York Times.

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Digital Technology Lacking in Healthcare Despite Interest From Patients

Although Americans use digital technology often in their everyday lives, only one-fifth use it when it comes to healthcare because e-mail, texting, and other tools aren’t being offered by providers, according to a Nielsen survey. The Washington Post reported that there are 2 main barriers: inertia by physicians and a lack of financial incentives.

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Americans Are Actually Eating Healthier, Extending Lives

A new study has found evidence that Americans are eating healthier. Since 1999, having better diets has saved more than 1 million people from dying prematurely and even cut diabetes and heart disease, according to Harvard researchers. However, overall, the American diet is still poor, reported HealthDay.

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