What We're Reading: Monthly HIV Shot; Molina Layoffs; Charlie Gard Treatment

Next in HIV Therapy

Over the past decades, there has been a lot of progress made in treating HIV/AIDS and the next step is close at hand. According to The Washington Post, a monthly antiretroviral shot is in development and could help to improve adherence to treatment. Currently, treatment consists of one or more pills daily, which has led to low adherence among some populations. The monthly injection combines 2 drugs, and a study involving 309 patients has found it to be as safe and effective as the daily pills.

Molina Healthcare Layoffs

Shake-ups are continuing at Molina Healthcare as the insurer announced it plans to cut 1400 jobs, reported Reuters. Molina specializes in programs for low-income and poor patients, and just a few months ago it had fired its CEO, J. Mario Molina, MD, and its chief financial officer (CFO), John C. Molina. In the fourth quarter of 2016, the company had reported a loss related to its Affordable Care Act plans, which kicked off the ensuing changes. The layoffs will not affect the company’s behavioral health business, said the interim CEO and CFO.

No US Treatment for Charlie Gard

The 11-month-old baby in London born with a rare genetic disease, Charlie Gard, will not be coming to the United States for treatment. STAT reported that the legal battle over how to proceed came to an end as the baby’s parents withdrew an appeal at a London court. Doctors at the hospital where he was wanted to turn off his life support and let him die peacefully. They had argued that there was no treatment that could help Gard and had challenged his parents’ wish to bring him to the United States for an experimental treatment.