What We're Reading: Sanders Proposes HIV/AIDS Drug Development Prize Fund

What we're reading, March 15, 2016: Bernie Sanders proposes a prize fund to spur drug development for HIV/AIDS; one news outlet is going to court to unseal documents related to OxyContin's marketing; and report highlights the emotional trauma healthcare providers face after making a serious medical error.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has unveiled a proposal for a $3 billion annual fund to spur development of drugs to treat HIV and AIDS. According to Fortune, Sanders’ plan would reward drug makers for creating new and innovative treatment for HIV and AIDS and will permit generic competition for new drugs immediately after FDA approval. His announcement comes on the heels of Hillary Clinton’s misstep praising former first lady Nancy Reagan for spurring the national conversation on HIV and AIDS despite the Reagan administration being slow to respond to the crisis.

With more attention than ever being given to the opioid abuse epidemic, STAT is going to court to unseal records that could provide new information on how OxyContin was marketed. The suspicion is that top executives may have known how addictive the drug was and that they downplayed the risk. Among the sealed records is a deposition of the former president of the company that produces OxyContin and the only time a member of the family that controls the company was questioned under oath about the opioid.

In a special report, Vox highlights the anguish, turmoil, and emotional trauma healthcare providers face after making a serious medical error. Unfortunately, nurses and doctors rarely discuss their mistakes with colleagues and after making a mistake, they have other patients to see and other surgeries to perform. In recent years, hospitals are taking provider grief more seriously, offering hotlines to support providers dealing with traumatic events, but these are by far the minority.

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