Workplace Wellness Results and Privacy Concerns: Interviews With Al Lewis and Dr Deborah Peel

How confident is Al Lewis, JD, that workplace wellness programs don't work? Confident enougn to put his own money on the line. In this podcast, Lewis discusses the results seen in traditional wellness programs, and Deborah Peel, MD, outlines privacy concerns.

With healthcare costs in the United States rising, employers have been trying to find a way to get a handle on these costs by improving employee health and well-being. Workplace wellness programs have been around for decades, but they received a boost in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act allowing companies to offer financial incentives to get employees to participate in the programs.

However, the research on these wellness programs has been mixed, to say the least, with more recent research finding that these programs don’t really work. But more than just the unclear health benefits of these programs, there are real data and privacy concerns for employees. In this podcast, Al Lewis, a famed opponent of workplace wellness programs, provides insight on just why he’s so confident these programs don’t work, and Deborah Peel, MD, outlines her privacy concerns in the age of data sharing.

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