World's Largest MSK Study Shows Hinge Health's Digital Solution Directly Reduces Back and Joint Pain

New large-scale study: Hinge Health exercise therapy and coaching reduced musculoskeletal pain by 69% and improved mental health and surgery outcomes in 10,000+ participant longitudinal study.

San Francisco, CA (May 11, 2020)—As more patients and employers turn to digital health solutions during COVID-19, researchers at Stanford, UCSF, and Vanderbilt published on Monday the first large-scale study proving the effectiveness of digital health in reducing chronic back & joint pain. The study demonstrates that each Hinge Health remote exercise therapy and coaching session has a direct correlation to pain reduction. In the world’s largest digital musculoskeletal (MSK) longitudinal study (N = 10,264), each Hinge Health participant had an average pain reduction of 69%, reduced depression and anxiety 58%, increased productivity 61% and decreased surgery likelihood 67%. Hinge Health’s unique 1-on-1 coaching model helped drive the industry’s highest 12-week completion rate, 73%, with each participant completing an average of 35 exercise therapy sessions.

Hinge Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Krauss said, “Hinge Health is the first digital MSK company to publish a peer-reviewed large-scale study. Hinge Health’s best-in-class adherence and elective surgery avoidance rates validates why we’ve made the market-leading investment to have both physical therapists and 10x more health coaches support participants with chronic MSK pain.”

Read the full press release here.

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