Andrew Smith


JDRF's Kowalski Sees Hope in Bipartisan Support for Insulin Pricing Reform

September 26, 2019

Aaron Kowalski, PhD, the new CEO of the JDRF, says in a discussion about insulin pricing that action is needed not only by Congress, but also by insulin makers, health plans, and the executive branch. The most important goal: ending a crosspayment scheme that many blame for potentially deadly price increases.

Renting Health vs Buying Cures: How New Financing Tools Can Boost Cancer Therapy Development

December 07, 2018

Evidence-Based OncologyTM sat down with Andrew W. Lo, PhD, to discuss his proposals to increase investment in medical innovation and utilization by giving investors more ways to support both research organizations and individual patients.

UnitedHealthcare's Medtronic Deal Sparks Furor, but a Year Later, Innovation Continues

September 23, 2017

UnitedHealthcare has not released numbers on how many patients are affected by its exclusivity deal with Medtronic. While the initial press stories criticizing the transaction have died down, a JDRF initiative calls on insurers to preserve patient choice.

Latest GAO Report Disputes Criticism of Controversial Test Strip Program

December 13, 2016

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office mostly concurs with CMS on a dispute over problems with the Medicare competitive bidding program, following an explosive study in Diabetes Care that found beneficiaries lost access to key supplies.

As Metformin Combinations Proliferate, Questions Arise About Value

September 21, 2016

For some patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, skipping metformin monotherapy and going straight to fixed-dose combinations with a DPP-4 inhibitor or an SGLT2 inhibitor makes sense, evidence shows.