Bo Gamble


The Oncology Medical Home - Beyond Clinical Pathways

April 11, 2016

Clinical pathways have been emphasized as a means to deliver efficient, quality care and to ensure better outcomes at lower costs. The Oncology Medical Home takes this to the next, more comprehensive, step of quantifying and improving quality and value in cancer care while lowering overall costs.

Discussion 8: Redefining the Role of Industry in Contemporary Healthcare

December 28, 2013

The final panel of the conference analyzes the role of the industry in healthcare, including panelists' observations on topics such as innovation. Mr Gamble, for instance, offers his insights as to how groups like the Community Oncology Alliance are working with the industry to drive the message about the quality and the value component throughout all the stakeholders. Dr Fox provides perspective on how payers can offer valuable partnerships throughout the industry, including those with pharmaceutical companies.