Julie Potyraj

Julie Potyraj is the community manager for MHA@GW and MPH@GW, both offered by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. For several years, she served as a community development specialist in Zambia coordinating youth empowerment programs and reproductive health education. She is currently an MPH@GW student focusing on global health and health communications.


Strengthening Intergenerational Patient–Provider Relationships

December 13, 2017

As more millennials enter the healthcare workforce, health outcomes of the baby boomer generation increasingly will depend on the quality of communication with a generation that has grown up in a very different time.

The Role of Consultants in United States Healthcare

March 28, 2017

Healthcare consulting is a growing industry touching each of the stakeholders involved in healthcare, and these consultants are playing an increasingly significant role in the United States healthcare system.

Health Data and Its Implications in Managing Chronic Disease

August 06, 2016

Advances in information technology is enabling peope to collect and store more health information than every before. How can we harness these valuable insights to help people with chronic disease live longer, healthier, happier lives?

Telemedicine: A Game Changer for Senior Healthcare

April 24, 2016

While healthcare for retirees once meant repeated trips to the doctor’s office, many are now able to receive high-quality medical services without leaving the comfort of home. And it’s all because of telemedicine.