Mandi Bishop, MA

As the CEO and founder of Lifely Insights, Mandi Bishop is bringing life context to healthcare decision making with actionable social and behavioral determinant insights, helping communities partner with health systems and payers to tailor and optimize health management program design, care plans, interventions, and engagements. An open data evangelist, she is a recurring steering committee member for Health Datapalooza, and is the co-chair of nationwide HealthIMPACT Forum events. She has been a founding, and returning, social media ambassador for both the HIMSS and AHIP national conferences. Additionally, she is an advisory board member of the Society for Participatory Medicine and #STEMPrincess organizations, a contributor to The American Journal of Accountable Care and Tincture, and co-host of the Managed Care Cast podcast series for The American Journal of Managed Care.


Andy Slavitt: Patient Advocate, Public Servant, Model of Government Leadership Transparency

January 05, 2017

As we approach the January 20 inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, we come to the end of an all-too-brief era of unparalleled government transparency and leadership accessibility: Acting Administrator of CMS Andy Slavitt will be stepping down from his post.

Crowdsourcing Top Health IT Thought Leadership on Social Media: The #HIT100

September 01, 2016

Each year since 2011, beginning on the Friday of Independence Day weekend, the health information technology social media community is atwitter with nominations for thought leaders to include on the annual #HIT100 list.