Author | The National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs


Cross-Sector Data in Action

August 30, 2018


A look at the experiences of 2 leaders in cross-sector collaboration show how cross-sector data can guide the development of innovative initiatives to improve people’s lives.

Navigating Legal Parameters for Cross-Sector Data Collaboration

August 20, 2018


To address the needs of individuals with complex health and social needs, providers first need to know who they are. Integrating data from multiple sectors, such as social services, education, criminal justice, and healthcare, can help providers identify individuals who are facing multisector barriers to wellness.

Building Trust and Collaborating for Data Sharing

August 03, 2018


Cross-sector data sharing is particularly relevant to the burgeoning field of complex care. The creation of data-sharing partnerships requires flexible relationship-building approaches that establish trust among partnering organizations.