Yoona Kim, PharmD, PhD

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Yoona Kim, PharmD, PhD, is the CEO and co-founder of Arine, a next-generation medication intelligence company with a mission to solve medication mismanagement across the health care continuum. Arine’s proprietary platform pulls insights from a complex ecosystem of clinical, socioeconomic, and behavioral data to optimize patient outcomes and deliver value-based care. The technology uses predictive analytics to target care to at-risk members, develops artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personalized care plans for each patient, and uses machine learning to continuously optimize members’ medication therapy. Arine overcomes the limits of traditional, manually driven medication management approaches by making the practice scalable and allowing time-strapped health care providers to deliver care to large populations and with a far greater impact. Arine’s clients have achieved the highest quality ratings and have reduced hospital admissions by 40%.

Arine’s AI-driven technology platform is powering successful interventions that navigate complexities discussed in this article. For example, Arine’s platform identified a 67-year-old Latinx male in Medicare Advantage with diabetes and an elevated hemoglobin A1C at high risk for hyperglycemic crisis. He had a history of medication nonadherence and canceling appointments and expressed difficulty affording a branded diabetes medication. Arine’s platform identified a generic option, along with several other recommendations, to optimize the member’s array of medications for other comorbidities. The platform also flagged a pattern of underutilization of care, indicated by an absence of a primary care visit within the last year and connected the member to an appointment. These measures were supplemented by auto-generated Spanish-language educational materials on the importance of medications and lifestyle changes for diabetes management. Ultimately, the member was very receptive to the recommendations and started taking his medications more regularly.

Prior to Arine, Yoona has held various roles at digital health, pharma, and consulting companies. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University; a PharmD with an emphasis in health policy and management from the University of California, San Francisco; and a PhD in health economics and outcomes from the University of Texas at Austin.


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