Laura Karas, MD, MPH


Limited Distribution Networks Stifle Competition in the Generic and Biosimilar Drug Industries

A limited distribution network is a pharmaceutical distribution strategy that some drug companies have capitalized upon to obstruct generic and biosimilar competition.

Aileen M. Soper, BA


The National Oncology Working Group (NOW) Initiative: Payer and Provider Collaborations in Oncology Benefits Management

This article highlights the work of the National Oncology Working Group (NOW) Initiative.

Bruce A. Feinberg, DO


The Impact of Evolving Treatment Options in Multiple Myeloma, Part 10

Bruce A. Feinberg, DO; Ryan Haumschild, PharmD, MS, MBA; Thomas Ollis, MS, RPh; and Joseph Mikhael, MD, discuss the future treatment landscape for the management of multiple myeloma.

Charles Bane, MD


The Oncology Medical Home - Beyond Clinical Pathways

Clinical pathways have been emphasized as a means to deliver efficient, quality care and to ensure better outcomes at lower costs. The Oncology Medical Home takes this to the next, more comprehensive, step of quantifying and improving quality and value in cancer care while lowering overall costs.

Genevieve M. Hale, PharmD, BCPS


Building Partnerships Between a College of Pharmacy and ACOs: Development of the ACORN SEED

To promote future partnerships among colleges of pharmacy and accountable care organizations, this article describes several initial challenges to partnership formation, including those related to agenda setting and resource utilization.

Michael Stein, MD


Health Insurance Design and Conservative Therapy for Low Back Pain

This study examined the association between health insurance design features and choice of physical therapy or chiropractic care by patients with new-onset low back pain.

C. Daniel Mullins, PhD


Pragmatic Clinical Trials: US Payers' Views on Their Value

Payers like key traits of pragmatic clinical trials, but are wary of pharmaceutical companies and plan to carefully scrutinize this new, appealing type of evidence.

Sue Ghiloni, RN, CDE


CHAPTER 3. Guideline for Detection and Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy

From the Adult Diabetes and Clinical Research sections, Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Dmitry Khodyakov, PhD


Insurers’ Perspectives on MA Value-Based Insurance Design Model

This article describes perspectives of Medicare Advantage (MA) insurers about participating in the CMS value-based insurance design model test launched in 2017.

Richard Snyder, MD


Medical Homes and Cost and Utilization Among High-Risk Patients

A longitudinal case-control design was used to evaluate the effects of the patient-centered medical home model on medical costs and utilization among high-risk patients.

Ulrika Winblad, PhD


Medicare Advantage Control of Postacute Costs: Perspectives From Stakeholders

This qualitative study examines the methods that Medicare Advantage plans use to control or reduce postacute spending and their associated unintended consequences.

Maria Leiva-Salinas, MD, PhD


Managing Inappropriate Requests of Laboratory Tests: From Detection to Monitoring

This study shows automatic, practical, simple, and effective strategies designed in the laboratory, in consensus with requesting clinicians, to improve laboratory test appropriateness.

Min Hu, MPH


Retail Clinic Utilization Associated With Lower Total Cost of Care

Retail clinic use is associated with lower overall total cost of care based on a matched-pair analysis.

Rena M. Conti, PhD


Out-of-Pocket Spending for Health Care After COVID-19 Hospitalization

For most patients who survive COVID-19 hospitalization, out-of-pocket spending within 180 days of discharge is modest. However, 1 in 10 have out-of-pocket spending exceeding $2000.

Salima Thobani, MD


Adaptation of an Asthma Management Program to a Small Clinic

The authors adapted a successful large-scale, specialist-run asthma management program to an existing multi-specialty clinic utilizing existing resources and achieving similar outcomes.

Richard M. Hoffman, MD, MPH


Decision Aids for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer

Implementing patient decision aids was associated with lower rates of elective surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia and of active treatment for localized prostate cancer.

Ernesto Cortés Castell, PhD


Are Obese Patients Assisted in Losing Weight?

In obese patients, we assessed the lack of advice to lose weight and its association with cardiovascular risk using the REGICOR chart (adaption of Framingham).

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