Prescription Digital Therapeutics

The AJMC® Prescription Digital Therapeutics compendium is a resource for news and interviews about prescription digital therapeutics and related technologies.

Improved QOL, Disease Activity Seen in Patients With IA Using Tailored Self-management App

September 24th 2022, 4:36pm


A mobile app providing self-management action advice to patients with inflammatory arthritis (IA) was linked to significant improvements in health-related quality of life (QOL) and disease activity.

Contributor: The Role of Patient Engagement in Creating Active Patients

September 23rd 2022, 5:09pm


As health care shifts reimbursement models from fee-for-service to value-based care, new terms and phrases have been surfacing across the industry. Two of the terms emerging with increased usage are “patient engagement” and an “active patient.” But what do they mean? And why are they important?

Multitask Learning Model Outperforms Traditional Machine Learning Models in RCTs, Developers Say

September 16th 2022, 7:57pm


The proposed multitask learning (MTL) model was developed using data from wearable devices worn by individuals in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to predict outcomes of a depression treatment.

Digital Medication Monitor Linked to Better HRQOL, Lower Costs for Tuberculosis

September 15th 2022, 3:00pm


Patients with tuberculosis who used a digital medication reminder monitor had better health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and lower catastrophic costs compared with patients who used a standard therapy.

Digital Therapeutics Face Challenges With Control Conditions in RCTs

September 10th 2022, 2:50pm


As a result of the potential of digital therapeutics to increase access to personalized care, many choose less stringent minimal control than typically seen in randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Music Application Yields Positive Results Among Adults With Dementia, Caregivers

September 9th 2022, 7:24pm


Findings in a small sample of patient-caregiver dyads demonstrated high potential for a music intervention’s use in dementia care.

Gamified Therapy PDT Yields High Support From Children With Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

September 3rd 2022, 4:47pm


A digital pet app used as a prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) to encourage children to complete prescribed therapies received high engagement and function scores from children living with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

What We’re Reading: Processed Food Carries Cancer Risk; Updated COVID-19 Boosters Endorsed; PDT Tool Supports Inmates in Recovery

September 2nd 2022, 3:04pm


New studies have linked a diet of ultra-processed food to a higher risk of colorectal cancer and to an overall risk of mortality; the CDC endorsed the updated booster shots from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech for use against the omicron variant; South Carolina Department of Corrections and Pear Therapeutics are teaming up to support inmates recovering from substance use disorders.

Wearable Device, Supervised Exercise Linked to Superior Weight Loss Outcomes

August 27th 2022, 4:27pm


Wearing a physical activity tracker and receiving personalized exercise feedback was linked to better results in exercise performance, weight loss, and other health outcomes among individuals with obesity.

Sound Therapy Polytherapeutic Demonstrates Clinically Meaningful Tinnitus Outcomes

August 24th 2022, 10:19pm


Use of prototype app UpSilent resulted in clinically meaningful changes in tinnitus and superior outcomes across most measures after 12 weeks compared with popular app White Noise.