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Is the Cloud Safe for Medical Billing Data?

Aiden Spencer is a health IT researcher and writer at CureMD who focuses on various engaging and informative topics related to the health IT industry. He loves to research and write about topics such as Affordable Care Act, electronic health records, revenue cycle management, privacy, and security of patient health data. You can get in touch with him on Twitter @AidenSpencer15
Minimal Information Technology (IT) Resource Requirements
When practice owners choose to move their billing to the cloud, they have far less need for onsite IT support. No need to employ an IT specialist to install, configure, test, run, secure and update hardware and software, all of these tasks are done by the medical billing provider. Updates are also automatically deployed in web-based systems, so practice owners never have to worry about running on an out-of-date version of the software.
Superior Accessibility and Collaboration 
All users may access and securely log in to the system from anywhere where there is an Internet connection. This freedom allows physicians and staff, as well as their patients, to collaborate effectively in a secure environment so the best care may be offered.
Seamless Scalability
If you’re a small practice looking to grow, you no doubt know about common IT growing pains most practices experience. Cloud-based practice management software makes scalability seamless and painless, allowing the additions of new doctors, users, and even locations. And, as I’ve already mentioned, small practices can now grow without breaking their bank.
Greater Security
I started this post explaining that cloud-based practice management software has come a long way and, depending on individual vendors, can be a very safe way to conduct business. What I didn’t mention was that web-based medical billing solutions can often deliver greater security than client-server systems or even traditional paper records.
Cloud-based systems achieve HIPAA compliance using data centers that offer bank-level security and high-level encryption methods that make data unreadable. Most client-server systems are not able to deliver this level of encryption and the data is only as secure as the room where the system is located.
For those practice owners who still believe paper is the best and safest way to go, it takes only a single fire or flood to destroy countless patient records. Cloud-based data is also backed up securely in multiple locations.
All of us have been allowing more and more of our sensitive data to be stored in the cloud via e-mail platforms, online banking, and social sites. It was only a matter of time before practice management software made the move. Ultimately, cloud-based medical billing provides practices of all sizes great advantages in cost savings, data accessibility and security.

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