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Evidence-Based Diabetes Management December 2017

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3. No more routine finger sticks for Americans with diabetes: Abbott’s Freestyle Libre approved in the US [press release]. Abbott Park, IL: Abbott; September 27, 2017. finger-sticks1-for-americans-with-diabetes-abbotts-freestyle-libre-approved-in-the-us-300527120.html. Accessed September 28, 2017.

4. Brown A, Close K. Abbott’s Freestyle Libre transforming glucose monitoring through utter simplicity, fingersticks aside. ty-fingersticks. Published January 9, 2015. Accessed October 28, 2017.

5. Schencker L. Abbott diabetes device approved. Chicago Tribune. bott-diabetes-device-approved-20171001-story.html. Published and accessed September 27, 2017.

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