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The American Journal of Managed Care - August 2008

August 01, 2008 – Kaiser G. Lim, MD; Ashok M. Patel, MD; James M. Naessens, ScD; James T. Li, MD, PhD; Gerald W. Volcheck, MD; Amy E. Wagie, BS; Felicity B. Enders, PhD; and Timothy J. Beebe, PhD
Asthma control, rather than compliance with the HEDIS asthma measure, is the most useful quality indicator of asthma care.
August 01, 2008 – Jennifer K. Taylor, PhD; Michael Schoenbaum, PhD; Wayne J. Katon, MD; Harold A. Pincus, MD; Diane M. Hogan, RN, MA; and Jürgen Unützer, MD, MPH
This article examines screening strategies for possible depression in the context of a care management program for chronically ill Medicare recipients.
August 01, 2008 – Serguei V. Pakhomov, PhD; Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD; Christopher G. Chute, MD, DrPH; and Véronique L. Roger, MD, MPH
Effective use of electronic medical record technology requires examination of the communication approaches of both care providers and patients.
August 01, 2008 – Kateryna Fonkych, PhD; June F. O??Leary, PhD; Glenn A. Melnick, PhD; and Emmett B. Keeler, PhD
HMOs in California, particularly Kaiser, have developed approaches to end-of-life care that allow them to use far fewer inpatient resources than fee-for-service providers.
August 01, 2008 – Elizabeth B. Habermann, MPH; Beth A. Virnig, PhD; Sara B. Durham, MS; and Nancy N. Baxter, MD
We examine the effects of managed care enrollment and healthcare utilization level on breast cancer stage at diagnosis and treatment in disabled women.
August 01, 2008 – William T. Cecil, MBA; Panagiotis Kasteridis, MS; John W. Barnes Jr, MBA; Rick S. Mathis, PhD; Ken Patric, MD; and Steve Martin, BSN, MSEd
Meta-analyses of percutaneous coronary interventions in stable coronary artery disease are updated to include 2 recent large randomized controlled trials.
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